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Surrender Only To One DVD and Blu-ray


The elite, the best of the best of the United States military— Special Forces, SEALs, Special Tactics, Marines, and Special Ops Gunship Aviators, these heroes are trained to withstand unimaginable circumstances, and yet they all have one thing in common: they each have been broken. From growing up in poverty, drugs, alcohol, anger, rage, and fear; experience the stories that will take you from the brink of despair and suicide—to victory! Each copy comes with a code to get a Free Digital Download of our film.

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Revealing hope to the hurting heroes serving our country, and all who support them—SURRENDER captures the attention of those who are silently hurting, engaging them with the experiences of several service members who share their personal trials and how they found the strength to overcome them.

These true stories are captivating and unique. Through exquisite cinematography, original music score, and authentic war footage, the docudrama SURRENDER gives viewers a glimpse of the powerful events that enable the story’s heroes to find strength and a path away from personal destruction to the One who heals both heart and soul. We are reminded of the timeless truth in this country’s founding principle: “In God We Trust.”

The backgrounds, branches of service, and personal experiences of each hero are vastly different, yet their personal pain is common to many—even to some outside of the service. Candidly shared, the paths down which God led each person to the point of fully surrendering to Him are revealed.

Perseverance through the most difficult situations and the strength to overcome them will be found in this film, and the personal victories portrayed offer lessons for us all. The trials are not unique to the men and women serving our country but are relevant to anyone who is struggling with life’s challenges, making this film and its message universal to all.

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