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Our mission is to empower veterans to find purpose and be resilient. We aim to provide premier whole health programs to “at risk” veterans; changing lives and building strong families. We offer a unique approach to combat veteran suicide through a whole health intradisciplinary method.
The Resiliency Project is a four-pillar program that addresses the areas of psychological, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. Care plans are provided through three main delivery methods: clinics, coordinated care, and collaborative care.

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Operation Helping Hand Tampa

SOF Missions will be sponsoring OpHH dinner at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital.
OCTOBER 21, 2021


The agony of Afghanistan’s collapse: A veteran struggles to process the Taliban takeover

https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-oped-the-agony-of-afghanistans-collapse-20210819-sloyvi6u7nezbd775fdrnejrey-story.html As America experiences...

Military Warriors Gather for Resiliency Clinic with SOF Missions

TAMPA, Fla., June 4, 2021--Veterans and Active-Duty military members, who are receiving care from SOF (Shield of Faith) Missions’ Resiliency...


SOF Missions is vital. We need more people behind it, we need more organizations like it. I think we’ve got to do everything we can to get word out to the people we’re doing this and how much its needed for these American great men and women who never get their name in the paper, and yet they have laid their life on the line. I really appreciate what SOF Missions is doing and if there’s any way I can help, I will.

General Stanley McChrystal

Former Commander US Forces Afghanistan

I’m really impressed with the SOF Missions approach to dealing with our veterans. SOF Missions has a holistic way to helping our veterans when they come back and I like this because not only does it address the physical and psychological needs but also the spiritual needs. Man is a spiritual being, so to me what’s really, really important is helping veterans spiritually because you’re introducing them to the same thing that healed my father (Louis Zamperini), that was the one thing that put him over the top. That’s what redeemed him from his PTSD, was that relationship with the Creator of the Universe. I’m so impressed because this goes beyond the normal veteran help groups that you hear about, so hats off to SOF Missions.

Luke Zamperini
Executive Producer Unbroken: Path to Redemption

By enabling strong relationships, Shield of Faith Missions helps Warriors and their families reinvigorate hope and a sense of purpose. The organization affords a holistic path toward psychological, physical, and spiritual resiliency through nationally recognized partnerships and a growing number of hometown operating locations. Shield of Faith Missions is building a credible network that is strengthening our Warriors and those who support them.

General Stanley McChrystal
Former Commander US Forces Afghanistan

Damon Friedman is a true warrior. He has personally experienced combat as a special tactics officer in the Air Force and he also knows the battles that our nation’s service men and women face when they return home. Damon has taken on a new mission of combatting the suicide epidemic in our military community by offering hope to those who are contemplating that route. I encourage you to support Damon and SOF Missions.

Chad Hennings

President – Hennings Management Corporation

Our audience at the Alabama Police Chiefs Association 2017 Summer Conference was beyond impressed with Damon. There were over 300 police chiefs in attendance and Damon’s military and personal experiences connected well with the group. I had heard from a veteran Air Force officer that Damon was a compelling speaker and at the Chiefs conference I got to witness this first hand. Damon has a great ability to relate to audiences and move people to action. Also, his presentation style is superb – engaging and energetic. He is definitely a speaker to have again in the future.

Terry Sanders

Retired Chief of Police – Police Safety Consultant AMIC/MWCF

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There is hope and there is purpose. I thank SOF Missions for giving me a second chance!


Former Special Forces, Army


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