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The agony of Afghanistan’s collapse: A veteran struggles to process the Taliban takeover

https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-oped-the-agony-of-afghanistans-collapse-20210819-sloyvi6u7nezbd775fdrnejrey-story.html As America experiences a brutal ending to our longest war, I am reminded of my time in Afghanistan where I, along with fellow soldiers, bled...

Military Warriors Gather for Resiliency Clinic with SOF Missions

TAMPA, Fla., June 4, 2021--Veterans and Active-Duty military members, who are receiving care from SOF (Shield of Faith) Missions’ Resiliency Project, have been chosen to attend a Resiliency Clinic Program at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Fla.  This...

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We believe that The Resiliency Project will continue to serve a population that is in dire need. As a result of our efforts to improve our veterans’ overall quality of life through strategic partnerships, we know­­ there can be an ever-decreasing number of veteran suicides. We will continue to build a stronger and more efficient network of non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies, all with the common goal of ending veteran suicide.

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There is hope and there is purpose. I thank SOF Missions for giving me a second chance!!


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