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Military Warriors Gather for Resiliency Clinic with SOF Missions

Kristi Beckman

Published: Aug 16, 2021

TAMPA, Fla., June 4, 2021–Veterans and Active-Duty military members, who are receiving care from SOF (Shield of Faith) Missions’ Resiliency Project, have been chosen to attend a Resiliency Clinic Program at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Fla. 

This five-day intensive clinic will focus on the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of each of the military warriors attending the clinic.  The members will also receive a one-week telemedicine follow up, a 30-day re-evaluation, and a 90-day follow up with the SOF Missions medical director, Dr. Marissa McCarthy.

McCarthy said addressing the suicide epidemic within our veteran and active-duty community requires an intradisciplinary whole health approach.

“The Resiliency Project is focusing on intensive clinics to promote cost effective and efficient ways to bring our warriors and healthcare professionals together,” said McCarthy.  “Our program is designed to provide a safe, comfortable and fun environment to allow people to connect with each other through shared experiences.”

Dr. Damon Friedman, founder of SOF Missions and former special operator said, “This is the second clinic we’ve hosted to provide extra care for our warriors in need.  The first one we did, back in October, was for female veterans. The feedback was incredible, and those military members were indeed healed.”

J. Monell, who attended the first clinic, said it changed her life for the better. “I feel like this clinic opened the gate for me to deal with and overcome my blocks. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience.”

The warriors will receive care from an array of medical experts to include cognitive, mental health, recreational, and massage therapists; strength and conditioning, spiritual fitness, and social reintegration coaches; a nutritionist; and an acupuncturist.  They will also benefit from instruction focused on sleep hygiene and nutrition to improve overall brain health.

“We are extremely excited and so proud to get the opportunity to work with some of the men and women who defend our freedoms day in and day out,” said Chris May, Director of Sports and Performance at Saddlebrook Resort.  “We are truly blessed to have this organization here at Saddlebrook.”

Friedman said 20 years of war has taken a major toll on our military members and the suicide rates continue to rise. “SOF Missions exists to combat the military suicide crisis and to help our military members be resilient and find purpose in life, while they are still serving or after they are out of the military.  I know first-hand the toll combat can take on a life, on a family.  I’m proof that our military members can heal and be resilient,” said Friedman.   

Future Be Resilient Clinic dates are as follows: July 22-26, Sept 23-27 and Nov 18-22.

Article Featured on Wesley Chapel Sport Magazine July 2021


About SOF Missions
SOF Missions offers a unique approach to combat veteran suicide and provide care through a whole health interdisciplinary method – the Resiliency Project is a four-pillar program that addresses the areas of psychological, physical, spiritual, and social wellness. Care plans are provided through four main delivery methods: Clinics, Coordinated Care, and Connect Care. Veterans who apply and are accepted receive up to 365 days of care. Whole health care plans are customized to meet the individual needs of each veteran. The Resiliency Project services are funded 100% through our generous donor base and all contributions to SOF Missions go directly to support veteran programs. For more information about SOF Missions and how to apply to the Resiliency Project, visit www.sofmissions.org.

For further information, contact Kristi Beckman, Public Relations, kristi@sofmissions.org, 850-503-5201.


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