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2024 Be Resilient Clinic Dates

BRC Whisky - Feb 1-5
BRC X-Ray - Mar 14-18
BRC Yankee - Apr 4-8 (L)
BRC Zulu - May 9-13
BRC Alpha 2 - Jun 13-17
BRC Bravo 2 - Aug 1-5
BRC Charlie 2 - Sep 19-23
BRC Delta 2 - Oct 10- 14 (L)
BRC Echo 2 - Nov 14-18



Equip warriors to mentally
and emotionally cope with their struggles to promote psychological well-being.


Integrating veterans
back into society,
connecting with their families and communities in order to flourish in daily life.


Healing veterans through
state-of-the-art physical modalities, medical evaluations, and procedures.


Growing spiritually to find
a sense of self and purpose through a set of beliefs, principles, or values.



Be Resilient Clinics are for military members and veterans struggling to overcome the challenges of military service and combat. Our 1-week intensive clinics bring together providers from psychological, social, spiritual, and physical domains. Clinics are located at resorts in Florida in order to promote an atmosphere of relaxation and recovery. They are hosted quarterly and typically last from Thursday through Monday.


For veterans who are unable to attend a clinic, SOF Missions is able to execute whole health care plans through the use of Coordinated Care. The SOF Missions Veteran Services Coordinator manages care plans in the local area of each veteran by accessing our national network of partnering non-profit organizations, health care providers, and companies to provide treatments and services.


Collaborative Care is the bridge that closes the gap for veterans to become a productive member of society. Within Collaborative Care we “connect” warriors with contacts to employers, housing, education, and legal assistance. We also provide educational materials, care kits, referrals, resources, and aid.

Why this training is effective?

Be Resilient Training focuses on whole health care: psychologically, physically, spiritually and socially. Dealing with mild traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and moral injury is not an easy feat. Focusing on stress management, a proper sleep regimen, and pain control can be liberating. Utilizing ideal fuel and nutrition we put into our bodies and expending our energy is the essence of living a balanced life. Addressing all four components is key to determining the root cause of the problem and to be able to implement successful techniques to promote resiliency.


During these clinics, warriors will receive care from an array of medical experts including:




Cognitive Therapist


Physical Therapist


Mental Health Counselor


Strength and Conditioning Coach








Massage Therapist


Recreational Therapist


Spiritual Mentor


Social reintegration therapist

Exact list of providers varies based on the needs of military members and veterans attending each clinic.


Veterans attending Be Resilient Clinics receive training from the book Be Resilient: A Path to Restoring Brain Health.






Moral Injury









Be Resilient Modules

8 Tenets of Resiliency

General overview of all 8 tenets; focus on pre and post deployment resiliency in action, and proactive measures.

Processing Trauma

Focused instruction on how MTBI, PTSD, and Moral Injury are processed after a traumatic event: physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Regenerative Momentum

Sleep, Stress, Fuel, and Exercise are the main tenets in this module; focus on recovery and how they help generate optimization.

Sleep Hygiene and Techniques

Emphasis on Sleep, Stress, and Pain. Educate on the concept of sleep, but more importantly, provide tools necessary to start sleeping well.


For more information

To learn about how to apply for a Be Resilient Clinic, please email connect@sofmissions.org or fill out our application


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